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Botox – truths and myths….

We all know Botox receives some very mixed views – primarily because it is often administered by untrained (and unlicensed) therapists who have little knowledge of the complex muscular anatomy of the face, the effects of the drug and the principles of aesthetics.

With the potential results and relative ease, it is easy to forget Botox is a prescription drug and not just an injection – each client’s face must be treated differently.

Botox may also be used very successfully in conjunction with other facial skin rejuvenation procedures such as chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing.

With over a decade of experience and fully qualified, I know exactly how to administer the injections to achieve the very best natural looking results. Before any treatment I engage in a thorough consultation with my client, which includes discussing their desired results and their medical history of any previous aesthetic treatments.

Only then, do I suggest both a specific Botox product and treatment areas that are unique to them and their facial anatomy.

I look forward to welcoming clients to a professional Botox consultation – do please call or text me on 07507 420244.



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