Laser Hair Removal

I am delighted to offer the World’s Most Advanced and Versatile Laser treatment technology for permanent hair reduction.

Xlase Plus Diode Laser, from renowned Italian aesthetic technicians, Biotec has won industry accolades for excellence of results, minimal treatment time and being painfree.

Xlase Plus can treat all types of skin and most hair colour, ensuring fast hair removal treatments with maximum comfort to even the darkest skin.

Just 4 – 6 short sessions (depending on hair type) are usually required to permanently reduce hair.

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PS. For reasons of client confidentiality I do not post treatment photos on my website.

What makes our Diode Laser Hair Removal Different?

Professional consultation

Treatment compatibility is uppermost and I always undertake a professional consultation and patch test before booking laser treatments. The consultation takes 30 mins and the £30 patch test fee is refundable against your first laser treatment booking.

Single Laser Hair Removal treatments start from £50. 

Please contact me on 07507 420244 to discuss any of our treatments and arrange an initial FREE consultation by Zoom.

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