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Do you find yourself hiding behind a layer of makeup or avoiding cameras just because of the redness on your face? Rosacea, a common skin condition that causes chronic redness, can certainly steal the spotlight, but you aren’t alone on this quest for perfect skin. Welcome to Eva Clinic Bath, where our expertise and dedication surpass conventionality, poking remarkable holes in the paradigm of “incurable” skin conditions.

We recognise what it feels like dealing with this skin condition, so we’ve created this comprehensive guide for you. Throughout this article, we aim to help you understand Rosacea better, highlight its similarities and differences with acne, and introduce the advanced treatment options we offer at our esteemed clinic.

Understanding Rosacea

Rosacea, a common skin condition primarily targeting the face, is scientifically complex, but we can break it down for you in layman’s terms. Imagine your skin persistently sporting a reddish, flushed look, coupled with small, pimple-like bumps. The redness often centres around your nose and cheeks and may extend to your forehead and chin. These are the classic symptoms of Rosacea that many people grapple with.

So, what triggers Rosacea? The exact cause of Rosacea remains unknown, but several factors could be instigators. From spicy food and alcohol to extreme weather conditions and stress, a multitude of elements can trigger your symptoms, worsening them over time.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder affecting both genders, although women with fair skin who are aged 30 to 50, in particular, are more likely to have it. This doesn’t mean men or people with skin of colour are immune; this long-term skin condition strikes without discrimination.

Rosacea Vs. Acne 

At first glance, Rosacea and acne may seem like conjoined twins – both conditions exhibit bumps on your face and are treated by a dermatologist. However, dig deeper, and you will find notable differences. While acne predominantly affects teenagers, Rosacea is common in adults over 30. Bumps associated with acne are often black or whiteheads; in contrast, those red bumps in Rosacea, known as papulopustular Rosacea, are commonly filled with a clear fluid.

Imagine an unfortunate overlap: Acne Rosacea exists. This subtype of Rosacea represents a crossover situation exhibiting symptoms common to both acne and Rosacea. It mainly affects middle-aged women and is marked by redness on your skin with swollen red bumps and small blood vessels visible on the skin.

Stay tuned as we further explain the specific types of Rosacea, including ocular Rosacea, and discuss our advanced treatment methods, providing the care that this condition requires. Our team at Eva Clinic Bath is committed to ensuring that your Rosacea is under control and that you no longer have to hide behind layers of makeup or stay out of the picture.

Recognising Ocular Rosacea

The journey to finding a cure for Rosacea is common in the skincare world. But are you aware that Rosacea also affects the eyes? This variant, known as ocular Rosacea, presents unique symptoms that affect the patient’s eyes. 

Ocular Rosacea’s symptoms often include a gritty sensation in the eyes, dryness, itching and a noticeable sensitivity to light. It can cause vision impairment in severe cases, hence the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment. It’s crucial to understand that this condition is not caused by poor hygiene or diet; it is typically a result of underlying inflammation that mainly affects the face but can spread to the eyes. Therefore, if you experience any associated eye symptoms, addressing them swiftly is critical.

Advanced Methods to Treat Rosacea

Eva Clinic Bath is at the forefront of providing effective rosacea treatment, offering far more than the simple medications applied to the skin. People with Rosacea can now access advanced, cutting-edge treatments that can keep their symptoms under control. 

The Q-Switch, IPL/CPL, and Biotec’s advanced XlasePlus Nd: YAG laser treatment are at the heart of the clinic’s treatment plan. These procedures are tailored to address the symptoms and causes of Rosacea, treating the redness, thickened skin, and dilated blood vessels in the skin that often characterise the ailment. 

Though the exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, there’s no doubt that the condition can cause significant discomfort. Thankfully, treatments like those offered at Eva Clinic Bath can help. While Rosacea is a long-term, chronic condition, these treatments can effectively manage your symptoms and decrease the intensity of the facial redness that so many patients with Rosacea find distressing.

The Ideal Candidate for Rosacea Treatment

Understanding who typically gets Rosacea is key to effective treatment. Although the condition is prevalent among people with lighter skin tones, anyone can develop Rosacea. It’s also worth noting that Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that causes skin redness and often affects your nose, cheeks, and forehead. 

The ideal candidate for treatment at Eva Clinic Bath is an individual struggling to manage their symptoms or anyone seeking relief from the severe rosacea symptoms affecting their quality of life. Key symptoms to look out for include persistent redness, swollen red bumps that look like acne, and eye problems such as dryness and irritation. 

It’s also worth noting that Rosacea can affect parts of the face beyond the nose and cheeks. Any person experiencing persistent skin discomfort on the face, particularly redness, swelling, or acne-like outbreaks, may be an excellent candidate for assistance from the experts at Eva Clinic Bath. The team is committed to delivering quality care and effective rosacea treatment plans, ensuring your journey to healthier skin is successful and pleasant. 

Overall, it’s about being aware of your skin’s needs and addressing symptoms promptly. Whether you’ve got just a niggling issue or severe symptoms, the specialist team at Eva Clinic Bath is ready and willing to help. Listen to your skin, protect it, and give it the gentle care it needs to flourish.

Cost of Rosacea Treatment

What are the costs involved in the treatment of Rosacea? It’s quite natural for you to be curious. The cost can vary depending on the severity of your symptoms and the type of treatment required. However, at Eva Clinic Bath, we believe in providing effective treatment plans that are also financially accessible. Keeping that in mind, we also offer convenient financing options to work around your budget.

Typical 1 hour treatments cost £180 – although this may vary more or less as each patient’s case varies. We will confirm the exact treatment cost after your initial professional consultation and we assure you that out treatment costs are competitive and provide tremendous value for the improved skin health and appearance you will experience.

Remember that your skin may undergo several changes during your rosacea treatment journey. The redness, characteristic of Rosacea, causes discomfort, but remember the treatment can help ease these symptoms over time. Thus, consider the cost an invaluable investment for your skin’s health and self-confidence.

Setting Expectations 

Your commitment is vital to the successful treatment of Rosacea. While you may eagerly anticipate seeing immediate treatment results, it’s crucial to note that each patient’s journey is unique. It depends largely on your symptoms and how your body responds to the treatment. 

People with Rosacea also need to understand that the treatment can keep the symptoms under control, but it won’t eliminate the condition. Rosacea is a common skin condition, and its triggers vary from person to person. Hence, identifying what triggers your Rosacea is important. Be it specific food, weather conditions, or stress, avoiding these things will help keep the signs and symptoms at bay.

Moreover, proper and gentle skin care plays a crucial role along with the treatments. Some products may irritate your skin and make your symptoms worse. Hence, consulting with our expert dermatologists about the products to apply to your skin is advisable.

Your face may experience some discomfort during the early stages of treatment, but this is temporary. Over time, as Rosacea improves, so will your comfort. 

Getting in Touch with Eva Clinic Bath

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