Medical & Aesthetic Laser

Perfect, lasting solutions for Skin Rejuvenation & Pigmentation, Active Acne & Rosacea, Vascular lesions, Tattoo Removal and more…

We are one of very few clinics to offer the full range of laser solutions, including Q- Switch, IPL/ CPL and Biotec’s proven and advanced XlasePlus Nd:YAG laser.

Only after a thorough consultation, will we recommend the laser technology which best suits your particular needs.

Please click here to view details of all available treatments and make an appointment.

Treatments include:

Professional consultation

Treatment compatibility is uppermost and we always undertake a professional consultation and patch test before booking laser treatments. The consultation takes 30 mins and the £30 patch test fee is refundable against your first laser treatment booking.

Single Medical & Aesthetic Laser treatments start from £70. 

Please contact Ewelina on 07507 420244 to discuss any of our treatments and arrange an initial FREE consultation by Zoom.

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