Expert Skincare Solutions Redland, Bristol

Living in Redland? We love welcoming clients from your vibrant Bristol neighbourhood! With charming streets, independent shops, and a buzzing community spirit, it’s no wonder Redland is such a popular place to call home.

How do you get to our clinic from Redland, Bristol?

  • Taxi or Uber: Hop in a ride, and you’ll be here in just 38 to 50 minutes. Time to relax and prepare for your pampering session!
  • Bus: Catch the bus and enjoy the scenery for around 1 hour and 25 minutes. A perfect opportunity to unwind and catch up on a podcast or book.
  • Driving: Would you prefer to take the wheel? No problem! We have secure parking available on-site.

No matter how you choose to travel, we’ll be waiting to welcome you with a warm smile and expert knowledge. Come and experience the Eva Clinic Bath difference!

Why Choose Eva Clinic Bath?

Our high 5.0-star rating underscores the utmost satisfaction experienced by our clients. Our well-appointed location in vibrant Bath, backed by a team of proficient and certified skincare specialists, ensures our clients enjoy top-notch skin care therapies, bespoke solutions and exceptional customer service.

Our Services

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift: Achieve a youthful look with our non-invasive facelift procedures that help to tighten the skin effectively.
  • Laser Hair Removal: Stay hair-free for longer periods with our advanced laser treatment that ensures precision, speed and comfort.
  • Facials and Skin Analyses: Reveal a radiant complexion through deep-cleansing facials and comprehensive skin analyses to identify the right treatments for your skin type.
  • Medical & Aesthetic Laser: Innovate your beauty regimen with our blend of medical and aesthetic laser treatments, tailor-made for unique skin needs.
  • Injectables & Aesthetic Laser: Smoothen wrinkles, increase volume and reshape features with our safe and certified injectable treatments complemented by aesthetic laser techniques.

At Eva Clinic Bath, your satisfaction is our success. Experience an unparalleled journey to radiant skin health in the capable hands of our expert estheticians at our location in Hicks Field, Bath.

 Uncover the best your skin can be with us – your first step to skin transformation starts here.

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